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Are you thinking of transforming a small room next to your bedroom or to the entrance into a walk-in closet? If you already have a room or a large closet, you could install a closet organizer for a fraction of the price required by professionals. How is this possible? By doing the work yourself using […]


Circumstances sometimes require that you contend with a smaller living space. This does not mean resigning yourself to mediocre decor. By using stylish furniture adapted to small spaces, you can have a functional and stylish home, even if it is small. Here you will find six good choices of furniture for small spaces, whether it […]

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Whether they be in the living room, in the office or in the bedroom, houseplants are more than another decorative item. Indeed, green plants purify the air, increase productivity and their scent perfumes your house.   Purifying the air in your bedroom A good night’s sleep begins with a good bed and a comfortable mattress, […]

Standing up while working has become a trend in recent years. After making the headlines of the American press from 2010, more and more companies begin to provide their employees with height-adjustable desks. But why should we work standing up and what are the health benefits of this position? What is the problem? With the mechanization and automation […]


If you’ve spent a few years working in an office and sitting at a desk, you know how painful it can be. Pain can occur in different parts of the body. Thus, it is not uncommon to experience stiffness in the neck, shoulders or arms and – of course – significant pain in the back. To avoid […]

The guest room should be inviting and practical so your guests can not only sleep, but also rest and recharge their batteries. It is not always easy, but thanks to wall beds, you can create a comfortable, convenient and tidy guest room even in a small space. Creating the illusion of more space You can create […]