What inspires us

What inspires us

and Transparency

At Bestar, sincerity, transparency and openness begin with employees, suppliers and customers being part of the decision-making process. At Bestar, all the employees take pleasure in assuming the full responsibility of making decisions.


A strong commitment to our customers is the pivotal element of Bestar’s values. It does not only mean being an important member of the Bestar team, but also to share successes together. Through Bestar’s customer service, high-quality office furniture and storage solutions, loyalty and the ability to listen to our customers, we continually strive to improve ourselves. At Bestar, we contribute to the well-being of our community, the quality of our environment and the vitality of our economy.

Our employees

At Bestar, we rely on a collaborative approach by inviting our employees to share their vision, whether in the use of the products, the order processing logistics or the plant optimization processes. We allow each employee to be himself, and every contribution is valued. This is the Bestar way. Be a part of Bestar’s team

Our environment

Our company is located near the majestic lake of Mégantic and amidst forested land. A fundamental concept at Bestar: we take care of the natural environment that sustains us. The water that we and our children drink and the air that we breathe are of prime importance. Since our foundation, we have applied the principles of sustainable development and environmental preservation.

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