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Home Blog 3 Good Reasons to Have Plants in Your Home

3 Good Reasons to Have Plants in Your Home

Whether they be in the living room, in the office or in the bedroom, houseplants are more than another decorative item. Indeed, green plants purify the air, increase productivity and their scent perfumes your house.

Purifying the Air in Your Bedroom

A good night’s sleep begins with a good bed and a comfortable mattress, of course. But did you know that air quality affects how well you sleep? Of course, you can open the window to air out your bedroom, but you can do more by introducing certain plants that are highly efficient in removing pollutants from indoor air.

The palm tree near the wall bed in this guest room removes a whole series of pollutants from the air.
According to a NASA study originally conducted to improve air quality in space shuttles, the plants below absorb several pollutants (benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene and toluene):

  • Chamaedorea palm
  • Mother-in-law’s tongue
  • Peace lily
  • Chrysanthemum
  • English ivy

Even if you do not recognize their names, you probably know these plants because they are very common.

Creating a Stimulating Home Office

The Japanese are fond of walks in the forest to reduce stress. Even though you cannot turn your office into a forest, being among plants for a few moments while working can be an effective substitute. Studies have shown that plants in the workplace help reduce stress and boost creativity and productivity. Who can beat that?

L-Shaped Desk

Placing a hanging plant on a bookcase or a hutch is a clever aid to a greener work space.

Introducing Scent and Blooms in the Living Room

Some plants have a powerful fragrance that will perfume your entire home. This is particularly true of hyacinths, which are easily found in supermarkets and big-box stores. They only last a few weeks in spring, but what a scent!
You may wish to place a cachepot in the center of your living-room coffee table to facilitate changing containers of seasonal flowers. When one plant is finished flowering, you simply replace it with a new arrival.

Bestar Lift-Top Coffee Table
In addition to being stylish, citrus trees scent the air when they are in bloom. Some varieties, such as the Calamondin orange tree, are suitable for indoor cultivation. Buy a mature plant so you will see it bloom and smell its fragrance sooner.
Plants are much more than decorative items. In addition to their undisputable aesthetic qualities, they absorb certain harmful chemicals, create an atmosphere conducive to work, and perfume the air. Do not hesitate to integrate them everywhere in your home: beside your bed, on your desk or on the coffee table in the living room.
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