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Home Blog Boxing Day Sale! A Great Excuse to Create Your Dream Home Office for 2021!

Boxing Day Sale! A Great Excuse to Create Your Dream Home Office for 2021!

Modern home office with a Bestar desk

There’s no better opportunity than our incredible Boxing Day Sale to create the home office of your dreams AND get 2021 off to the right start!

A New Year is, of course, an excellent opportunity to set new goals and make new commitments to growth and change. It’s a way to initiate a bit of a mental reset at the end of the year – and, after an exceptional year such as 2020, boy, do we need it!

And, while we all consider the personal changes we want to make for 2021, given how many of us have transitioned to working at home, Boxing Day is an ideal time to establish some new professional goals as well. That includes that new home office you’ve been dreaming of. An efficient and productive office space that will better support the demands of your work as well as your life as they become increasingly intertwined.

Here’s your chance to do it – and save money! Our Boxing Day Sale offers all the essentials to create the ultimate home office. Or, take this opportunity to do up the perfect hybrid guest and workspace – one perfectly equipped to meet demands both personal and professional, as required. 

How Do You Envision the Ideal Home Office?

Older woman working in her home office

Depending on what our work entails, and the unique demands of our family and home life, we all have very distinct requirements for our home office.  

Do your tastes skew traditional, old school, or shabby chic? Are you partial to a sleeker more contemporary or minimalist mid-century modern style? Or, are you sensitive to the most recent trends and like to decorate accordingly? 

Regardless of your style, as you consider how to outfit your new home office, there are several factors to consider: the space you have available, how much privacy you need, and, if you’re asking a room to serve multiple purposes, how to furnish it to effectively, efficiently, and attractively.

No matter the room you’re going to use or the space you have available, there are many options available. The Bestar Boxing Day Sale can help you create a space that supports you to be at your most organized, productive, and creative – do your very best work in 2021!

Hybrid Guest Room and Home Office

Guest bedroom with a Bestar Murphy Bed

It’s not unusual to have to eke out home office space from an existing bedroom, often the one reserved for guests. 

An easy and economical conversion to make is the transformation from a spare room or guest bedroom into a highly functional home office. A key piece of furniture for this change is a quality Murphy Bed.

Named after William Lawrence Murphy in the early 20th century, the Irish immigrant invented the innovative foldaway bed as a way to make the most of the space in his tiny New York City apartment. 

Since its inception one hundred years ago, Murphy or wall beds have evolved significantly. Now you can find just about any style as you enjoy maximum space-saving function and safety. 

For rooms with limited space or when you need to make a space multipurpose, a Murphy Bed is ideal given how little floor space it requires. A Murphy bed makes great use of underutilized wall space and frees up valuable square footage when it’s folded away. 

A comfortable bed for guests, yet virtually invisible when not in use, save for the convenient surrounding storage cabinetry, a Murphy Bed is the perfect way to establish a tidy, organized, and inviting multi-use guest room and home office.

Encourage Movement with a Standing Desk

Bestar Standing Desk

A standing desk, or also referred to as a standup desk, is a desk that allows you to stand to do your work comfortably. The best standup desks are height-adjustable and allow you to sit as well as stand as you need through the workday. 

A standing desk, or height-adjustable desk, allows you to avoid the harmful effects of sitting at a desk for hours on end. Of course, regular exercise is the best way to burn calories and maintain your health, but if you can stand while you work, there are a range of health benefits to be had. For instance, compared to several hours of seated work, when you choose to work standing up, you can burn over 170 extra calories each day – almost 1000 extra calories every week!

Standing up to work can also help reduce levels of blood sugar and lower the risk of heart disease. And one of the most significant benefits to standing to work as you need is the decrease in chronic back and shoulder pain caused by sitting for a prolonged time.

Getting moving and taking time to work while standing up also helps with mood and efficiency. When you work at a standing desk, you can enjoy less fatigue and stress and increased levels of energy. When you have more energy, you tend to be sharper and more alert and responsive, resulting in increased productivity.

Maximum Efficiency with a U-Shaped or L-Shaped Desk

Bestar U-Shaped Desk with Storage

With the added surfaces available with a U-shaped desk or an L-shaped desk, you enjoy expanded workspace and storage space.

A conventional desk can only provide limited work surface area. You might need a lot of complementary pieces to help offload office essentials and equipment. As a result, efficiency can be compromised when you need to move frequently about the office to complete tasks. 

A U-shaped or L-shaped desk, particularly when you add a hutch or credenza, allows you to reach all surfaces easily and quickly. This will help keep you efficient and productive.  

U-shaped and L-shaped desks allow you ample workspace – great for multitasking, collaboration, and meetings. The increased space lets you manage clutter more effectively – documents and paperwork can sit on one side while your computer work happens on another. No feeling cramped or overwhelmed with piles of papers and filing!

Storage, Storage, Storage!

Freelancer working on his laptop

Practical storage solutions are essential for any office, home or otherwise. 

Good, high-quality, office storage – shelving and cabinets – is vital. Keep all of your office equipment, accessories, filing, paperwork, and sensitive documents organized, safe, and secure. Without a sound storage system, your office will be untidy and more prone to clutter and mess.

Attractive storage lets you keep all the workday essentials as well as those items you want on display – photographs and keepsakes, for instance – in order.

Save precious time finding what you need as you enjoy the peace of mind knowing everything you need is safe and appropriately preserved. Organization will be key to your success no matter where you set up your office.

Make 2021 be your best year at work yet, no matter what’s going on in the world! The Bestar Boxing Day sale is the perfect opportunity to find exactly what you need to transform any room in your home into a highly productive, efficient, and attractive home office.

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