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Home Blog Create an Ergonomic and Efficient Home Office with a Standing Desk with Storage

Create an Ergonomic and Efficient Home Office with a Standing Desk with Storage

lifted standing desk with storage, brown credenza in front of window

Whether you still work from home or not, many people still need to have an office space that suits their needs. For casual tasks or to work daily, you should create a home office that helps you to be comfortable and productive. Ergonomics are a huge part of what makes your home office great. Ergonomics allow you to work efficiently and comfortably. There are various ways to transform your office into a workspace that works well for you. You could try to install a standing desk with storage in your space. Its ergonomic design is one of the many things that will help you work to the best of your abilities. 

You can design your perfect home office gradually or all at once, but, no matter what, always keep ergonomics in mind. Ergonomics concerns everything that works towards improving your mental and physical health while working at your desk. Keep reading to discover the best furniture and tips to create an ergonomic and efficient workspace.

Your Standing Desk with Storage, the Best of Both Worlds

standing desk with storage with shelves and patterned wall and lights

Many office desks are available on the market, which means that choosing the best one for you can be very difficult. Of course, you should assess your needs before you purchase your workstation. If you work with a lot of paper documents, you should strongly consider a spacious desk with a lot of storage space. If you want to focus on dealing with discomfort, we recommend that you check out our standing desks with storage.

Bestar offers various options when it comes to standing desks, so you can discover the best one for your needs. Between L-shaped standing desks and simple standing desks, you will find the one for you. Still, if you want the best of both the ergonomics and the storage, a standing desk with storage is ideal.

Stand Up!

The standing part of the desk will help you discover the incredible world of ergonomics. By simply lifting your workspace, you can stand while working. Staying in the same position for too long can cause strain in your shoulders. A standing desk with storage will allow you to easily alternate between sitting and standing anytime you feel discomfort. When you stand up, you can also stretch your legs, which will improve your blood circulation. Poor circulation often causes cold extremities when working. Your posture will also benefit from standing up more, since you will be slouching less. 

Keep Your Supplies Stored Away

Thanks to the storage space in your desk, you will be able to stay organized. With various storage solutions such as drawers, shelves, and storage compartments, you can appoint a specific space for your different work items. In your drawers and shelves, we recommend that you take advantage of dividers and small storage baskets to organize your small supplies. For your big work equipment like your printer, you can use the open storage spaces. You can keep everything on hand, so that you don’t have to stop working to reach your equipment. 

If you still lack space with your standing desk with storage, you can purchase additional storage solutions like a credenza or a file cabinet. This way, you can choose the one that you will most benefit from. For example, with a credenza, you can have even more space to spread out your work. 

Find the Most Comfortable Seat

man leaning back in chair with hands behind his head

The next element of your home office that will greatly impact your comfort is your chair. You should undoubtedly choose your chair according to your work habits. Still, most office chairs should meet certain criteria. 

You should be able to lift and lower your chair at will. This way, you can adjust your chair to your height. Your feet should touch the ground; if, even at the lowest setting, your feet are still dangling, you should consider getting a footrest. If, however, you are tall, you should make sure that your legs fit comfortably under the desk. 

Getting a reclining chair is also a great idea. You will be able to lean back whenever you begin to slouch, which will prevent back problems. Your chair should have a fairly high back to allow you to sit straight. Armrests will allow you to rest your arms to help the strain on your shoulders. Finally, you should make sure that the seat is well-padded. You will get uncomfortable very quickly if you can feel everything under the seat. 

Additional Equipment to Reach Utmost Comfort

woman stretching with hand up in front of computer

You will discover that many other elements contribute to making your home office ergonomic, starting with monitor arms. Several desks already have built-in monitor arms; you can also buy them separately to install them on any desk. You can find a standing desk with storage with monitor arms on the Bestar website. The arms will bring your monitors to eye-level. No need to look down at your screens, which should help you avoid neck pain. 

You can also get a desk with a keyboard tray or, again, you can add one to any desk. Since you can pull the keyboard tray towards you, your keyboard and your mouse will be easily reachable. Furthermore, you will not have to slouch or lean forward to type. The tray will lower your keyboard, so that you don’t have to lift your arms to use your equipment.

Finally, Our Best Tips

woman writing and working at computer next to big window

Once you choose the best ergonomic furniture for your home office, you can discover other ways to create a space that is organized and efficient. You can start by installing your monitors right in front of you instead of to your side. This will encourage you to face forward, which will prevent neck pain. 

Have you heard about blue light glasses? They have grown in popularity in the past few years because many people have been spending more hours in front of screens. These glasses filter the blue light from your computer and phone screens, which can cause headaches if you stare at screens all day.

Another way to organize your home office is virtually — by cleaning your computer. You can create various folders according to your needs. Once you put your documents in their appointed folders, you will be able to find them easily, which will help you to be as efficient as you can be. 

If you want to be productive while working from home, you should create an ergonomic and efficient workspace with the right furniture and equipment.

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