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Collection Pur

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Width Height Depth Weight
1640.8 mm 2232.7 mm 515.6 mm 182.3 kg
Width Height Depth Weight
64.6 in 87.9 in 20.3 in 402 lbs

Key features

  • To avoid risk of injury, bed must be installed to wall and floor structure by a professional or qualified person; two people are required for assembly
  • Installation requires attachment to wood studs or masonry, removal of the baseboard, and drilling into the floor (if disassembly is required, holes may be covered with baseboards 0.5 inches or thicker); all necessary hardware is included
  • Dual-mount wall bed mechanism attaches to floor and wall for ease of assembly and maximum stability and durability
  • Do not use this product for children or pets under 50 pounds (22.7 kg); maximum weight supported with mattress is 1000 pounds (453.6 kg)
  • Murphy bed accommodates most standard Queen mattresses (8-12 inches thick, 60-90 lb, 60 x 80 inches, no futons) to let you choose the most comfortable option (mattress not included, do not use with box spring)
  • Dual piston system allows you to fold the wall bed up and down smoothly and quickly
  • Mattress support uses flexible slats that follow the curves of the body and absorb pressure for maximum comfort
  • Durable steel wall bed frame and laminated engineered wood cabinet with leg levelers; minimum ceiling height of anchoring wall is 91.1 inches
  • Shaker-inspired trim and metal handles for transitional styling that complements any decor
  • Backed by the Bestar 10 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty; North American made with globally sourced materials

The Bestar Pur 65W Queen Murphy Bed is the ideal space saver for a multipurpose room. Easily transform your home gym or office into a guest room. The mattress support uses flexible slats that follow the curves of the body and absorb pressure for maximum comfort. The Queen Murphy bed can be used every night, and it folds up and down smoothly and quickly thanks to the dual piston system. Choose your own mattress since the bed accommodates most standard Queen mattresses (8-12 inches thick, 60-90 lb, 60 x 80 inches) and supports up to 1000 lb (including mattress). The open bed extends 92 inches from the wall. Allow a clearance of 30-36 inches around the open bed. The dual-mount wall bed mechanism attaches to the floor and wall for ease of assembly and maximum stability and durability. To avoid risk of injury, the Murphy bed must be installed to wall and floor structure by a professional or qualified person. Two people are required for assembly. Installation requires attachment to wood studs or masonry, removal of the baseboard, and drilling into the floor (if disassembly is required, holes may be covered with baseboards 0.5 inches or thicker). All necessary hardware is included. The cabinet must be anchored to a wall with a minimum ceiling height of 91.1 inches. Do not use this product for children or pets under 50 pounds (22.7 kg). The Murphy Bed is backed by the Bestar 10 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. North American made with globally sourced materials.

Catherine F.

Verified Buyer

My new Murphy Bed


Hi I am finally glad to have my new bed installed.The first delivery was the wrong color bed.Waited weeks for them to pick it up and more again waiting for the correct bed to arrive.Now the bed is here and installed .I was worried that the mattress would be too thick as it was 12 inches but it fits just right.I wish there was something at the head to keep the pillows on the head of the bed from falling down that space.If you have such a thing could you send it along.

Rajesh R.

Verified Buyer

Great for small spaces


This is the second BESTAR Murphy bed I have purchased and the bed does what it's advertised to do. I wish they would do a focus group and have randoms try and assemble this product with no help just factory instructions. Only then will they see the pain of following them. Ideas that would improve bed, First - the wood parts of bed that are in contact this walls should have a flet attached, this would help eliminate noise created by movement. Second larger adjustable feet, this bed is very heavy, and comes with the smallest feet money could buy.

Jane P.

Verified Buyer

The Murphy bed fit perfectly


The Murphy bed fit perfectly into the space, and the panelled front makes it look like a piece of furniture when not in use. Instructions were a bit unclear, but we figured it out.

Jeanne K.

Verified Buyer

We are very satifsfied with


We are very satifsfied with the Murphy Bed. We are very impressed with the high quality of construction. The instructions were easy to follow. We would recommend this bed to anyone looking to get extra space in the home.

Michelle D.

Verified Buyer

Fantastic Wall Bed!


We just finished building this wall bed and have already received so many compliments on how beautiful it is. It is a solid piece once it is assembled. Took some time for my husband to build, but directions were easy and everything was marked properly. Service is also fantastic! Phoned to order bed straps and they shipped them to us right away. Thanks Bestar!

David O.

Verified Buyer

So Happy


So Happy with the purchase. My friend purchased one as well and we assembled both on consecutive days. First one 5 1/2 hours and the second in 4. All parts were there and they look great. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS!


Verified Buyer

My 1st murphy bed


I finally got around to assembling my new queen wall murphy bed 3 weeks after receiving it. Overall, it was easy to install, but it does take time to do the assembly - I'd say 4-5 hours. My only 2 issues was that the cross bar that flips back n forth to support the bottom of the bed once extended out was damaged when I opened box so I have to wait 1-2 weeks for a replacement part. The screw was wedged in to the end of the bar. Second issue is when it comes time to pull bed down, the gas chamber pistons that supposedly help pull down or keep it up are very hard so much so I thought I was going to break the bed. I had 3 people pulling it down! For the bed to be made out of MDF particle board & the pistons working so hard I could see something tearing or breaking so I stopped. You actually have to pre-purchase the mattress you intend to use in this murphy bed in order to pull down the bed platform from the unit. I think that's backwards! I hope my guests will get to enjoy this wall bed at some point. I look forward to hosting my guests on a solid bed instead of an AeroBed in the near future. I've always wanted a murphy bed so this is my 1st go round.

Tracey T.

Verified Buyer

Tips and Tricks - Follow Instructions EXACTLY in order!


Very sturdy and sound structure! Be sure to follow instructions EXACTLY in order! Adjusting feet on cabinet is a MUST on carpet. Otherwise, you will not get the bottom face board on.

Tanya F.

Verified Buyer

Great new addition


The Murphy bed is attractive and practical for our condo. It gives us so much more space in our second bedroom. No regrets at all about our purchase. One suggestion is to package it differently as the three boxes were too large and heavy to fit into our elevator. We had to unpack the boxes in the lobby to transport to the second floor via the elevator.

Kevin K.

Verified Buyer

Nice bed


Went together without to many issues. Came properly packaged for shipping.

James L.

Verified Buyer

Self-assembled bed, works as advertised.


Self-assembled bed, works as advertised. Looks great in our room with high ceilings, and love that we're able to keep a full queen size mattress without taking up all the floor space.


Verified Buyer

good quality product


Very good instructions for assembly. Good quality product. Very solid. One place in the instructions where there was no hole to insert piece of wood. It would be good to add a note to verify doors have not moved before screwing them to the frame.


Verified Buyer

Poor packaging




Verified Buyer

Great purchase !!


The bed came together very well I am very happy with the construction and quality of the hardware given. It is a two person job to put this together please read thoroughly all instructions there is a bit of a learning curve but the rewards are simple good quality.


Verified Buyer

Love Bestar


Absolutely love these Murphy Beds. This is the second one I've bought and would buy this brand every time. Sturdy, easy to install, easy to use and looks great!

ECHO Insomnio

Verified Buyer

Great Quality and Construction!!


Incredible quality and construction!! Will probably buy another one for another room soon.


Verified Buyer

So far so good!


So far so good! A bit hard to put together, definitely recommend you know how to do basic handy work. But the bed itself is great and visually appealing. Could definitely be 5 stars down the road, but just got it and want to make sure it holds up.


Verified Buyer



Decent but don't put your weight on edge as it can easily break

Emilie O

Verified Buyer

Great Bed, easy assembly


This bed was actually very straight forward to assemble, definitely a two person job but we had it finished within a day. Once assembled it is a really beautiful piece of furniture to have in the room. We purchased a mattress that is ~11inches thick- which is more comfortable but we have a thinner comforter in order to make sure the bed closes all the way. The boxes are very heavy, so if you don't have a dolly and another person it would be worth arranging with the delivery company to see if they can bring it inside.


Verified Buyer

Excellent product and customer service


Installing a wall bed is definitely a two person effort. Before mounting the bed frame to the wall, be sure to adhere to the instructions to raise the support feet, otherwise you will not be able to install the front kick plate afterwards. The build quality, fit and finish are high. I was especially impressed with the excellent customer service available 7 days a week. The product is manufactured in Canada. The instruction manual is adequate but it's very helpful to cross reference the youtube videos for each installation step. You cannot use a foam mattress with a wall bed. They are not rigid enough when standing upright. A traditional spring mattress is best. Overall, we're very happy with the product and customer support.


Verified Buyer

Pur Queen Wall Bed is a quality product


We were absolutely thrilled with this product, very easy to understand instructions. From delivery to our door and install, 4 hours!! Requires 2 people for easier assembly. Very impressed with quality of product, and Hey! all the parts were there.


Verified Buyer



Looks good, certainly takes 2 or more folks to build. Some form of bar to keep pillow on the bed would be helpful when you sleep.




I wrote a review then when I got to my nickname you wouldn't accept my 3 letter nickname. well kma morons. what kind of idiots sacrifices a great review and puts parameters around a nickname. idiots!!!


Excellent product


I bought this a month ago and it is fantastic. To put it all together was time consuming. Everything fit together perfect! Easy to put down and up. Awesome! Love it!

Bobby G

Good quality


Bought this item 2 years ago and it still looks and feels like new


Well designed


This unit is well designed and the pieces all fit together well. It is important to read the instructions very carefully. It does take two to three days to put together.

Patricia 2019

I love my Murphy Bed


I bought my Murphy Bed about two months ago. It has taken this long to finally get it installed because a wooden piece arrived damaged and it took about two weeks for the replacement board to arrived. The company is based in Canada and waiting on the freight company to deliver requires patience. Please be sure when you order your Murphy Bed to ask for the straps that hold down the mattress to the frame be sent along with the bed. I had to wait for this too. The final assembled product looks great! So far it was worth the wait!


Looks Great!


I love my bed! It looks so good and it wasn't all that hard to put together. However, there were some things that just didn't go together right and had to be reworked. It seems to be holding up well.


Looks good in the room


Take your time putting it together and it will be fine. Both cosmetic front doors arrived with damage from factory cuts not being done properly. They shipped out replacements. It




This is a beautiful piece of furniture and is exactly what I wanted. Worth hiring someone to help assemble. Also the UTube video was extremely helpful.

Bella Isa

Great product!


I bought this a few weeks ago! It looks great, and is a great space saver. It took my husband and I a few hours to put it together and the instructions were simple to follow. Super happy with this product


Nice Murphy Bed


This bed is not easy to put together, comes in a great MANY pieces, and instructions are sometimes vague. The overhead piece, I think it was #83, was drilled too close to the outside and the wooden peg on one side went all the way through on one of them. However, if you are savvy and have a helper, this bed is quite beautiful and seems sturdy. Nice piece of furniture overall.


Good value


Just finished installing. Mostly by myself with help to tip up the frame and drilling concrete screws. Overall good value. Super heavy. I had to open boxes and carry pieces to the condo. I'd pay a bit higher price to avoid some of the Chinese particle board. Instructions are good when using both manuals and video.


Good price, nice look.


There is a good product and the price is excellent. The shipping was pretty fast. The only reasons for giving 4 stars instead of 5 is because the material is very heavy and the assembling specifications are just good (not very good). I am a technical person, but for somebody who has as reference IKEA, well, it is a bit more complicate.


Good quality, easy to assemble


This is the 3rd Bestar Boutique wall bed that we have purchased. They are great space savers and very comfortable. The assembly instructions are easy to follow. Highly recommend this bed.


Easy assembly!


Bought it in October. Exactly what I wanted. Works great


Perfect wall bed for a home office,


Very happy with the look and the quality of this wall bed.


Nice wall bed


I bought this bed a month ago for a second home. It is perfect. It looks great and works just as advertised. The Company has been very helpful and all the pieces were in the box. I was pleased with the packing since it is large and heavy. It definitely requires 2 people to move the packages.


Nice unit, instructions need work


It's a very nice product and works well. The directions need to be specific to the particular item and more clear. In one diagram it shows the correct layout then the next other pieces are substituted. To be a 5 star product the instructions need to be clearer and specific to the product bought.


Engineered very well


Given the large number of parts that had to be put together the bed came out very well fitted. All boards and coverings fit beautifully when put together. Took my wife and I about 10 hours over two days to put together so other reviews that said make sure you have a good marriage were not kidding :) Make sure you have carpet or some underlay to work on as you don't want to damage the finish when putting things together on the floor (lots of that). Bought a Mattress Wedge Queen Pillow for the gap at the head of the bed when its pulled down - works very well - highly recommend it.

Corey R

Very Happy with Bed


We are very happy with this. We put it in our finished basement and it gets used regularly. It was not the easiest to assemble but MUCH easier than i was expecting from all of the reviews. There are times that definitely require 2 people. There is no getting around it. One panel was damaged in transit but they did an excellent job getting the replacement part to me very quickly. We have had this for about 4 months and absolutely recommend it.


Good bed, priced right


This product is the best value/quality balance I could find. It is a pretty solid price of furniture as long as you mount it properly to the wall. I by myself put it together in 5 hours...two people are really needed, but I got creative. Looks great in the room and foam roll up matress they suggested and i bought separately fit well.


Looks Great!


It is a great piece and super solid. It fits well and looks really nice. The only criticism I would have is the same some others have had. It


Gave us a Multi-purpose room


This bed has enabled us to change a spare room into a room that can be used for multiple purposes and it looks great installed

Rachel M

Love it!


Very happy with it, just as I thought it would be. Was prepared from all the other reviews though and agree with them, assembling it was a nightmare! But, all good so far.


Excellent Quality and clear youtube step by step


Went together perfectly. Need two people and some mechanical knowledge. All parts fit and manufactured for quality and to last.




We bought this bed about a month ago. We used both the included instructions and online videos to help us put it together. It was a bit challenging but definitely worth it in the end.


Great option for small space


I bought this bed for use in a pool house - perfect option for fully using the space when the bed is upright. It took my husband approx. 5 hours to assemble, using other family members to help hold/move pieces. The bed looks great, and raises/lowers easily - highly recommend this unit.


Beautiful and functional


I bought this queen wall bed with two shelving units and it


Good Quality for Great Price


This is my second time buying this wallbed configuration and after shopping around and having good taste in quality items...I must say, this wins for quality versus cost. If you

Online Buyer

Great value and easy to assemble.


Exactly as advertised; we are using it in our den as a spare bed for our visitors.


Looks great and Easy to Use


We purchased the bed so we can use it for arts and crafts when we don't have company. Works great! Though you can't store the pillows on it as the pictures show. It barely closes with the mattress we have.


Canadian made and well made


This is a nice kit to put together. The enclosed instructions are not the best, but search youtube for some help videos and they will resolve any questions. You need some skills to put this bed together. It is a shade more challenging than Ikea stuff though the connectors and hardware a similar.


Looks like a built in furniture


I installed the wall bed last week and I


Looks great


This bed looks great once put together. It is made from quality materials. It went together easily; however, the instructions were terrible and five screws were missing (and five not listed in the instructions were included)


Happy with our murphy


The only bummer about all Murphy beds is the price! We were happy to get this on sale. We are also pleased with the way this looks. Installation took just over four hours. We had expected it to be more difficult based on other reviews. I read instructions and prepped fasteners. My husband did the installation, and I helped hold boards during two steps.


Love it


Love the bed but a real hassle to assemble.. instructions could be better written

Mr C

Great purchase


Very happy with the product. Everything went together perfectly. I used a combination of U Tube video and written directions, if one wasn't too clear I managed to get the correct assembly from the other source. I basically assembled it myself, I did need help to raise the frame up right and back against the wall but that was the only assistance I needed. Took me two days (4 hours a day) to assemble. I also mounted a TV on the bottom of the bed for when bed not being used and it didn't make a huge difference to weight when closing the bed.

Barby in Dixieland

Great Space Saver


Lots of pieces and hardware, but the directions were very clear. This new bed operates beautifully and is just what we hoped for.


Very practical for small room. Nice furniture.


I purchased this for a room that serves as dining room and guest bedroom. The functionality of the bed works really well. It was easy to assemble, however, it does take two people at times for lifting. I am pleased with my purchase.


Great to have as an extra bed!


I moved into a new 2 storey home . Parents are elderly and cannot go up stairs . This bed is in our den . Awesome handy and compact . Well worth the money ... FYI may hirer someone else to build and install time consuming.


Perfect for my needs


This wall bed is exactly what I was looking for. I came in excellent condition with all the pieces and parts. It took my son about 6 hours to put it together, all I did was hold things and help lift the frame. I couldn't be happier. I haven't slept in it but my son said it was very comfortable.


Queen size Murphy bed.


Bought this for our office/3rd Bdrm. Looks great! Very happy with the queen size bed. Easy to pull down and push up.

Eldar Musayev

Great features


I bought it month ago and I am very happy. It is best and very convenient bed. We are all family members like this style.


Looks great!


Bought this bed in December. Not easy to put together, but if you follow the instructions and take your time it turns out real nice.


Good choice


Bought for secondary sleeping bed in spare room, works well.


Good Bed but Needs Some Tweaks


Delivered in good condition, and the components are heavy. My husband and I had it unpacked and mounted and ready to go in less than 4 hours. Watching the videos were helpful beforehand. It looks really nice too. But can't give 5 stars because the gap between wall and pillows is so big that the pillows fall back there. We have a solution in mind to buy same type of material and retrofit a wedge in there to create a sort of slanted headboard. But if we can devise this, why can't Bestar see this problem, and add a few pieces to the kit, especially at this price? It's not cheap, esp when you add the cost of a mattress, but cheaper than adding onto the house to create a new bedroom! We slept on it to try it out before any guests, and thought it was just fine! And have had two sets of visitors since. They want to come again, so that is the rating I guess!


Good quality and looks great.


The bed was packaged well and had no damage on delivery. The instructions were clear and assembly was strait forward. The bed looks good and functions well.


Recessed fitting of a wall bed


My son and I completed this recessed installation in 3 hours. We are experienced practical/DIY people and used power tools for screwing etc, but care must be taken not to over torque as screw threads will easily strip in the partical board framing. We had placed the original 3 packages in another room and assembled the bed in the final location with the parts as required. This enabled us to assemble the bed in the room without removing furniture for working space. Assembly was straight forward, but layout the parts, particularly the screws in their same groupings. Then double check again you are working with the correct pieces comparing items to ensure you have the right parts (remember the woodworkers rule!). Screw identification can be tricky at times, but otherwise all went smoothly following the ordered instructions. After step 3 of the Assembly Instructions, the basic frame assembly is stood upright in the final position for wall anchoring. Since our installation was to be recessed, and the space between the top of the unit and our alcove ceiling was limited for access, we took a different approach to anchoring the frame. Item 70 (items number reference identified in the assembly instructions), the top vertical panel attached to item 41, the top horizontal panel, is spaced 2 1/4 inch. in from the back egde of the side panels giving a space between this panel and the wall behind the bed. Before moving the frame into the alcove, we built up a 2 1/4(D) X 8(H)x 60(W) inch wide wood beam and attached that to the wall studing, horizontally centered 4 inch below the top panel (item 41). With the frame in place, we then drilled 4 equally spaced counter sunk holes across the vertical panel (item 41), 4 inch down from the top, and wall secured the frame with large screws. The screw heads were concealled by using the supplied plastic covers (item CA-100). This makes removal of the bed from the alcove a much easier process. Also note that installing in an alcove, assembly of item 81 in step 9, and item 85 in step 17 is working with very limited height space, but can be done (with stubby tools). The bed has been slept on and found very comfortable with the slat type mattress base. There is a 5 inch gap between the head of the mattress and the pseudo headboard (item70 and 83). This spce is necessary for when the bed is closed, so I am looking at installing a removable headboard when the bed is required for longer term use and 'sitting up' in bed is needed. Also, the piston system and metal anchoring is black and visible (on a white bed frame!) and ideally would look better with a covering which would not affect the bed closing. In the photos you will see a larger gap at the top of the bed frame than at the sides. I had allowed a 1 inch clearance to the maximum supplied dimensions, but item 87, the original wall anchoring plate attached at the top to item 41 the top shelf, is higher than the bed frame sides and finished front. Perhaps the manufacturer will note this for potential alcove installations in making all sides the same height. Overall we are very pleased with the bed and fits ours needs perfectly and looks great.


Relatively easy to assemble.


Looks great, & it allows us to have an additional guest space while not giving up our office space.


Nicely finished piece to add to a convertible room


Haven't used as a bed, but there is much more usable space in the room as a result of our purchase. In spite of other reviews about the difficulty putting it together, it was easy and manageable. Box #1 should read "open me first" and give yourself as much room as possible to work in. After that take things slow and steady and in a short time it is complete. A rubber mallet might be recommended when putting the cross pieces into the pre-drilled holes.


Great bed for the price


We bought the queen size wall bed for our guest room/video game room. We didn

Happy in California

Clean, simple, attractive lines


Particle board construction is not a plus........ very heavy, easily marred when moving the bulky pieces. Instructions are poorly written - make assumptions that you as the installer may not find logical. Biggest challenge in construction was the alignment of the front "door" facade attached to the bed frame. Everything is constructed from an upside down and backwards point of view. Do not rush thru the project. Read every instruction carefully. Do not deviate from the manual. Install everything, including screws manually. Too much tork on ANY part could compromise the project. We had great difficulty with the front "door" facade because NONE of the holes lined up according to the manual. We made up our own based on the available holes in the frame. That seems to be working and the bed feels sturdy. Be sure you itemize and account for EVERY nut, bolt, screw, bar, and panel before starting the project. I actually labeled little plastic food storage boxes with the numbers for every small part. That made the job MUCH easier and efficient. The manual DOES NOT list ALL the parts on the same page. You have to go back and forth thru the book to identify several of the metal pieces that come WITHOUT labels. This project is NOT difficult, just very tedious. It took us about 10 hours over a stretch of five days with four people to complete it safely. We made sure we took our time, were patient, and didn't feel rushed to finish. As a result, the bed works VERY smoothly, is attractive, and an asset to my home. It IS heavy to pull down, but EASY to lift. I weigh 140lbs and I have to use every pound to get the bed to come down. Seems like a reasonable safety feature....... a child will NOT be able to open it. Also, there is a small "pseudo-shelf" that rests behind the pillow end of the bed against your wall when it's done. Nice feature. Our bed centers on an electrical outlet as well so you could plug in your phone or computer or a small reading light and set them in the little shelf behind the bed. We plan to add some solid wood molding to the top (for aesthetics), bottom, and exposed sides as these areas could be vulnerable to damage. The white "paint" on the particle board is a kind of plastic coating, that, when marred will be a challenge to repair. We did manage to scratch some areas pretty badly during unpacking and handling the heavy pieces. I'll be covering those areas with molding as well. So, all said and done, you do "get what you pay for". This bed was a great deal less expensive than other products I researched. All of these beds require installation anyway. This particular product is going to work well in our room and we are pleased with the overall results........ but, it is not a project for "the faint of heart"!




Yes, you need two people to put this together unless you have real construction know-how. But it is sturdy, fabulous looking, and functions so well. We are delighted to have it.


Perfect fit


We bought this bed for a guesthouse that is also a pool house in the warm months. We didn

Ellen T

Great Bed


Our bed was delivered, without damage, a couple of weeks ago. Three large and very, very, heavy boxes. Husband put the bed together in one long full day. The directions very clear, all parts were there and marked well, and all the holes were drilled where they should be. My husband is an engineer so if something had been wrong, then he could've fixed it, but he was glad he didn't have to. We bought a mattress from Ikea, made up the bed and are ready for holiday guests!


Love the look


We purchased this wall bed to save some space in my office but still have a comfortable bed for guests. Two of us were able to build the bed in about 4 hours. The instructions were very clear and there were no missing parts. We are very happy with the look of the bed and would recommend it.


Looks good


When we receive the boxes of stuff one piece was damaged but Bestar replaced it right away. Wasn't hard to put together and it looks great! One suggestion would be to have some sort of cover for the lift piston assembly when the bed is open. I made a pair out of hardboard held in place with velcro tape.


Looks Great


Bought this for the spare bedroom ,it is up when not in use. Looks great in upright position.Not hard to assemble.


Looks great


Bought this for my spare room which also doubles as home gym so it's great to have the bed out of the way until guests arrive. It is quite heavy and you need a few hours to put it together. The main issue I have is that I bought a queen mattress within the specifications and it always slides down when closed and doesn't seem to open properly even with the brackets installed - that are supposed to stop this from happening. The corners of the bed also stick out a lot and a guest hurt their leg when waking around it at night. But all and all it's a good buy




Easy to do with two (2) people. Follow the instructions to the letter.


Great solution for extra company


The hardest part of this process was getting the bed parts upstairs. Finally unloaded the boxes and on the carport and moved every thing into organized stacks in the intended room. Assembly was a very easy and when completed we added a 10 inch memory foam and our guests have raved about how comfortable the bed was. I also added a string of Sting of LED lights behind the upper valence for reading and mood.


Great replacement for our sofa bed


Bought this over the Xmas break for the in laws. It replaced a very nice sofa bed with decent air mattress combo. It was a lot of steps and took some time to get everything right but the instructions were through and the results are amazing. Very solid design, does not feel flimsy when set up correctly. Looks great in our guest room.


Nice space saver


We bought this wall bed for a quest room. Installation was not what I would call easy - it took my husband and I a few days, extended because we had to wait for new doors (they broke in shipping), also pretty difficult to secure to the wall. Once installed, it is a very comfortable bed, good looking, easy to open/close and versatile.


Not fancy, does the job


Design is simple, craftsmanship is lacking but bed is functional, comfortable, and sturdy. Finish is not professional-grade, good for areas with low-visibility.

Home Office Guy

Solid set


We've had them for 10 months now and are satisfied with the purchase. A word of warning, Costco delivers it on a skid so it have to be unpackaged and brought in right away. One of the cabinet doors was damaged on delivery, but there was no real hassle getting a replacement. Assembly may seem like a daunting for the inexperienced, but the the instructions are well laid out and manageable. They have to be screwed to the wall studs and the seams should be caulked when assembled. Not a one person job. We get a lot of complements and with a good mattress, they are very comfortable. One down side is that it can be a challenge for a shorter person to pull the bed down.


Great addition!


We purchased this wall bed for overnight guests because we didn't want a bed in the room all the time. It is easy to retract from the wall. Also purchased was a 12" foam mattress from Costco, perfect fit! Highly recommend...we did need to purchase a little more hardware than what was sent for better support to the wall. Very happy with the delivery process & with Costco the pricing was so much less than a furniture store.

Kim S

Easy to use


We have had this for 6 months. Not difficult to assemble. The finish could be better, but good value


Looks and works great


We bought this for our basement and are very pleased with it. The quality is quite nice for what we paid and it looks really classy. The assembly videos on the company's website were super helpful. We have a lot of experience putting together pack flat furniture and this set was very well done. It was easy to find which screws went where and all of the holes were in the right place. It took us about 4 hours to assemble and anchor it to the wall. Our guests appreciate having a queen size bed and we like having the extra living space the rest of the time. We purchased this in August of 2016 and it has been used a few times now.


Saves space and good quality.


I purchased this bed from Costco (good price) and assembled it myself in about a day. The online videos help a lot. No missing parts, but there are extra parts in the shipment anyway. Two people would be nice for assembly but doable solo.


a very good product


great space saver. Wish I had bought it years before


Good value - looks great!


This is bed is perfect for my requirements. It was a very reasonable price (on sale at Costco) and looks very nice. The mechanics of moving it up and down work very well. I am surprised that I can manage to have my duvet and pillows on the bed when I close it up. It has given me so much room in what is now my home office (and without a bed out all the time I am less included to take a midday nap!!). Overall very pleased. It is time consuming, but not complex to set up. I did use the YouTube videos. I do find than the bed is not as comfortable as when I had the same mattress on a box spring. If I was using every day I would want a better quality mattress but it works fine for my requirements. I suppose it is unlikely guests will overstay their welcome!


Looks Great


We purchased this bed for one of our guest room and couldn't be any happier. The bed looks great and actually wasn't too difficult to assemble. It did take us a solid two days to put together but we also took our time. The bed isn't solid wood but is quite sturdy and perfect for our needs. We were short in the quantity on one part but Bestar's customer service was excellent and sent it to us immediately. We are very pleased with our purchase.


Very comfortable bed that looks great closed up.


The Bestar wall bed is very well made. My husband is an experienced wood worker. He first read the instructions, then inventoried and separated all the components (that took one hour) so he knew if something was missing or unusable; everything was there. It took him another 3 hours to put everything together. He had a friend come over for the actual installation and that took another two hours. He said it needs to be done by someone experienced.


Pretty slick & looks good!


Bought this bed from Best Buy(.ca) based on the best price I could find at the time. Delivery was a little on the slow side but I was not in a hurry, so no biggie. The delay in shipping gave me some time to watch some YouTube on wall bed assemblies. Everything I saw lead me to believe I was in for a 12 hr build. I started assembly at about 5:30 Friday night, stopped for dinner for about 45 minutes & then went back to work. Surprisingly, I finished assembly at about 10:00 pm which blew me away based on expectations I had set for myself. The finished bed is pretty slick. My wife can open an close by herself. My kids cannot. It is pretty heavy and not the easiest to open and close based on the weight of the mattress. The fit and finish is good. It is mdf keep in mind, should be ok. Time will tell. Looks great closed & we are super happy to hide the bed in the room. It was an eye-sore to the room unlike the Bestar. Would recommend this product! Seems a little expensive for what you get but it seems like all wallbeds are over priced. I guess the shipping costs need to be factored in somewhere. BTW, the unassembled product is really heavy even though it comes in multiple boxes. 4/5 just because I think it is a little over priced, but that is just my opinion.


Well made


Heavy as an elephant. Takes awhile for assembly. Need two people. Looks great. Works really well.


Murphy or wall bed


Very pleased with look and comfort and it is easy to pull up and down. We had two people to put it together, not sure could have been accomplished with one. We were missing a couple of brackets and screws but called the 800 number and had them the next day.


Bestar queen size


Only issue was the front trim fell off which I glued. Went together we'll. May have been a better idea to put in top trim at start of building rather than end.

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Width Height Length Weight
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Width Height Length Weight
31.40 in 4.50 in 88.10 in 110.00 lbs

Box 3

Width Height Length Weight
508 mm 89 mm 2357 mm 40.82 kg
Width Height Length Weight
20.00 in 3.50 in 92.80 in 90.00 lbs

Box 4

Width Height Length Weight
521 mm 135 mm 2141 mm 63.96 kg
Width Height Length Weight
20.50 in 5.30 in 84.30 in 141.00 lbs

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